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Our finance locker offers retailers flexibility and stress-free solutions, so don't worry if the EMI is not paid on time. There is no need to worry about customers who do not pay their EMI on time because The Absolute Soft System includes a TV Finance Locker to support retailers. Retailers, don't worry about your EMI recovery because we provide a full business security solution for you with our most reliable Absolute TV finance locker. Nobody would be able to take advantage of the financiers in an unfair way. You may be able to lock the customer's TV if the EMI is not paid on time.


  • Maintain Client Data With A register code.
  • Track the client by name and contact number.
  • Model DealerApp has useful information.
  • A simple lock and unlock button is provided.
  • TV Android version specifications are also available.
  • It has flexible months and the customer's TV can be locked offline too.


Maximize Profits, Minimize Risks

Easy To Use

Locking a TV is incredibly simple and only requires one click.

Simple Installation

No need of internet / wi-fi connection

Quick Recover

It will enable a quick funds recovery.

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