ISO 9001:2015

Anti Theft

  • Anti-Theft allows you to track down and retrieve your lost device, as well as prevent unauthorized access to data saved on it. Get information about the app and lock the smartphone remotely.
  • Allows you to be notified whenever your phone is taken out of your pocket through a ring


Anti Theft App

Lock Screen

While entering a wrong password or while someone trying to break your lockscreen using a wrong password, photo and location will be sent through sms & mail.

Stop to Connect with PC

If someone attempts to connect mobile to pc for reset while in lock position, it will send you a photo and location via email and sms.

Track Your Phone

If your phone is lost or misplaced, you can track it down.

Movement Alert

You'll get an alert by alarm if someone tries to move your smartphone.

Stop Shut Down

No one else can turn off the phone except us.

Sim Card Security

If your sim card is removed from your mobile, you will receive location and photo via sms and mail, as well as the details of new sim card inserted.

Pocket Theft

If someone attempts to pick your pocket mobile, it will alert you with an alarm.

Unplug Charger alert

If you unplug the charger while it is charging, you will be informed by alarm.

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